About: Born 1997, London, Enfield; Lives and works in London.

Art Practise: exploring different mediums and skills and developing them into my art practice, Latex Installation/latex sculpture following the theme of spontaneity with pouring latex.

Mediums used: Acrylic, Watercolour, Ink, Found Objects, Liquid Latex, Photography.

During my current practice with Liquid Latex i am focusing on creating installations/sculpture. in order to draw an audiences attention around the room. I am developing my portfolio whilst creating work that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. My use of colour is thought out and controlled, however due to the nature of the material, the outcome is always a pleasant surprise.

The artwork is very fluid has its own form which i find important to the work itself.

The relationship my work shares with the audience is based on “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There is a lot to be discovered within the installations created. you just have to look close enough.

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