About: Born 1997, London, Enfield; Lives and works in London.

Art Practise: The current state of BubKESk resides exploring the nature of the monochromatic world. Focusing mainly on Greyscale work through illustrations and working on a smaller scale.

Mediums used: Acrylic, Watercolour, Latex, Ink, Paper, Canvas

During this practice the subject matter of the work touches on the mystery of magic, and stands firmly within spirituality, exploring the nature of spiritual tools and how they can aid in the journey to self discovery and using these illustrations as an extension of one’s self.

This project is on-going and is constantly developing and growing, hopefully in the near future it will branch out into different materials, as i’d like to bring nature into the forefront of this project.

The Latex aspect steps away from the monochrome and opens into a world of colour. Inspired by Galaxies and the colour they can behold the work is very abstract and relays no resemblance to galaxies, and the outcome of the work is a result of the fluidity of the material.


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